About Us

Alghad Drug Store is a private firm located in the capital of Jordan, Amman. It was established in the year of 2005 for importing & distributing of pharmaceutical products, food supplements, herbal products, cosmetics, medical devices, body building supplements and other products related to the medical field.

 Our goal is to enrich the Jordanian market with a myriad of high quality unique pharmaceutical, herbal, food supplement & cosmetic products.

Our commitment is to continue in offering essential health products & devices meeting public health needs. 

 We work through preparing highly trained professional employees to launch innovative products into Jordanian market. We highly support any pharmaceutical establishment willing to invest in the Jordanian market. By Registering the company and their products with the Jordanian Food & Drug Administration J-FDA.

 Additionally we Promote the products to the Jordanian Physician and medical center’s or any other outlet depending on products type thru our employee (Medical Representatives, media, etc….)

 We also Re-sale the products to the Jordanian retailers like pharmacies, hospitals, saloons and others. Join governmental and private sectors tenders.

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