In 2018

Rewarding our team was one of the biggest events in 2018. a trip to one of the most visited countries in the world; Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2017

Training sessions were held for al Razi chain pharmacy team of the Ghad Drug store products.

In 2016

a gathering with our chairman Dr Allam Suleiman and his Excellancy Korean Ambassador in Jordan in the Korean Ambassdor residence in Amman.

in 2016

a gathering with our chairman Dr Allam Suleiman and his excellency Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh.

Septemper  2016

Participating in business meeting with korean business dlegation  presented by the Korean company DANDELION BIOFARM

Our Chairman Dr.Allam Suleiman with the  korean business dlegation in  Hayatt  Amman Hotel/Amman-Jordan.

February 2016

Participating in business meeting with Korean companies by the attendance of his excellency the Korean ambassador held in Landmark Hotel.

Our Chairman Dr.Allam Suleiman with the Korean ambassador in Jordan.

Our General Manager  Dr.Mustafa al Antari with the Korean ambassador in Jordan.

Dr.Allam Suleiman and Dr.Mustafa al Antari with the Korean ambassador in Jordan.

February 2016

Our Chairman Dr.Allam Suleiman met with Mr. George Ospina VP Sales Victoria World Wide Business Connections Group, LLCDr. Tevsijk Group, LLC USA, Nisrine Achahbar International Sales & Business Development of  Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp,USA And Edward Herrera Middle East Sales Executive of Victoria World Wide Business Connections Group, LLC.and Dr. Tevsijk Group, LLC USA, to discuss the possibility of expanding the mutual collaboration and developing new Products in the Jordanian market, as well as status of  Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp products. 

Mr. George OspinaVP Sales and Edward Herrera Middle East Sales Executive with our chairman Dr.Allam had  working dinner  during thier visit to JORDAN .

September 2015

Alghad Drug Store continuous its commitment in launching new products that are of therapeutic value to the patients so our Chairman Dr.Allam suleiman, Regulatory Affairs and Development Dept Head DR.Duaa Hassouneh held ameeting with Marco Fischer regional manager ( Asia , Australia , Arabia) for German company  Schaper&Brummer to discuss the posibility of adopting new herbal products IN Jordanian market.

May 2015   

Our Chairman Dr.Allam Suleiman, Regulatory Affairs and Development Dept Head Dr.Saly Dahloush  and our Medical Representatives had a Meeting with Nikolai Nedkov Associated Export and Director Stefan Ignatov Commercial Department held in Taba-Eygpt. 

May 2014

Dr.Mustafa al Antari our General manager and Dr.AllamSuleiman our Chairman were at a visit to Bulgaria to lavena company and lavena factory with Nikolai Nedkov Associated Export , Georgi Filipov CEO and Director Stefan Ignatov Commercial Department.

Dr.Allam Suleiman and Dr.Mustafa al Antari with Kostantin Shalamanov CEO and Nikolai Nedkov at a working lunch during thier visit to Bulgaria .

April 2014

Our session about Gaurdix adhesion barrier at HEBA Hospital with the Obstetrics & Gynecology.

February 2014 

ARNET pharmaceutical company congress with Carolina Avendano , NisrineAchahbar our chairmans  Dr.Allam suleiman and Dr.Mustafa Al Antari .

November 2013

Participation in third Jordanian Menopause Society Meeting which was held on 1st of November,2013 at La Royal – Amman.

September 2013

Participation in Simply woman Event.

Simply Women is a NutriMusic event that has been held in Jordan since 2011 and in Abu Dhabi a couple of years before that, aiming to honor the women in the region and cater for their needs and interests as well as appreciate their health, youth and beauty.

Simply Women in Amman – Jordan related Amman’s distinguished ladies, doctors and business women to products and services which concerns them the most, in addition to demonstrating a healthy way of cooking to be followed with an exquisite fashion show

At Simply woman we had the chance for open communication between attendees and Al Ghad Drug Store in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the event.

The Event was covered by high profile media campaign including Al Ghad Radio station and TV coverage( Josat & mbc), magazines( Doctorz, Green Apple), & newspapers.

July 2013

Participation in a new episode of “A Discussion with a special doctor”

special episode with Dr.Allam sulieman Talking about : “Lose Weight” capsules

May 2013

Al Ghad drug store participated in the “Obesity and Weight reduction option open day” at the Petra University on 20th May – 2013

June 2012

Al Ghad Drug Store held lecture at Kempinski Hotel –  Amman  as part of its promotional campaign for the Novel Adhesion Barrier – Guardix Sol, attended by chest and Cardio Surgeons Society members 

The lecture was presented by Dr. Eman Salih from Al Ghad Drug Store logistics dept.  

April 2012

Launch of Lose weight to the market

Contains Acai berry and Green tea extract 

March 2012

Al Ghad Drug Store held lecture at King Abdullah Hospital – Irbid as part of its promotional campaign for the Novel Adhesion Barrier – Guardix Sol, attended by professors and resident surgeons from the department of general surgery and urology.

The lecture was presented by Dr. Eman Salih from Al Ghad Drug Store logistics dept.  

December 2011

Al Ghad Drug Store held a lecture at Al Amal Maternity  Hospital in Amman as part of its promotional campaign for it’s new product Guardix Sol.

The lecture was presented by Dr Eman Salih ( logistics dept. Al Ghad Drug store).  To the pioneer gynecological consultants and surgeons from Al Amal Hospital.


November  2011

Al Ghad Drug store continuous it’s commitment in launching new products that are of therapeutic value to the patients.

This November witness the release of couple of products that will nourish the Jordanian market needs.

Al Ghad Drug store will release its new product that is of high importance to the surgical field.

Guardix Sol. Is the new comer to the Jordanian Market that will solve all surgical problems associated with adhesions after surgery.

Our second product launched this month is Bacterion a liquid antiseptic soap for intimate hygiene.

  • NEW …….Melbrosia p.l.d. ( for Ladies)  supplement has been launched into the market on 1st  of March 2011. A new innovative supplement especially for women to boost their energy, immunity, beauty and sexual life.Simply it boosts your Confidence
  • Launch of new innovative product to local market

      Double action anti hair loss system Patch 

  • ِAl Ghad drug store has Established new department for General Trading
  •  Al Ghad drug store has launched new creative confectionary products into Jordanian market   (Lollipops that all kids will love)
  • Collaborative efforts of our team resulted in distributing See thru curtains in most of Amman pharmacies


Under Processing

Al-Ghad Drug store 

we are looking for expansion of our lines products to provide our customers with their needs and goods and that’s is going to be through our continual efforts with the Jordanian food and drug  Administration , we are concentrating as Al Ghad drug store to view and notify our customers  needs and wants to provide the Jordanian community with new , valuable ,cost effective and to assure best health  services along our procession .

under processing product may include dietary supplements for extensive uses , vitamins , minerals and cosmetics for woman and children in different stages.

Company Profile

Our Company

Al Ghad Drug Store has been a leading player in healthcare products and services in Jordan since its foundation in 2005.
Under the charismatic and visionary leadership of its founder, Dr. Allam Suleiman and Dr. Mustafa Al Antari, the company has grown and diversified into the main sectors of the healthcare industry, providing advanced distribution and marketing services in the field for the whole of the Jordan.

Mission Statement

For us achievement has never been a static quantity. We take it as a developing investment in ourselves and the market. We live and work by the motto
“Continuous Innovation, Change, Flexibility and Partnership”
Our internal culture is driven by
“Professional Responsibility, Team Work, Ethical Conduct and Outstanding Customer Service”


Al Ghad Drug Store is committed to serve and provide for the Healthcare requirements and needs of the customers; it serves with top quality products and services. Al Ghad maintains relentless commitment to its customers by continuously developing itself and the improvement of the quality of healthcare services provided.

Customer Service

We at Al Ghad deliver customer care service by attracting and training our people through creation of customer service center in order to manage customer concerns and queries using multiple channels including phone, e-mail and fax.
To ensure the highest quality of customer service, Al Ghad invested heavily in strategies; Process and training to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our customer service representatives are trained to treat our clients and customers as their own in order to provide assurance of proper call handling and superior customer care.

Supplements & Natural Products Department  

The vital wing of Al Ghad commands some of the most distinguished manufacturers of supplements & natural products in their respective fields of specialization. The Department is in the Golden Stage of being; Al Ghad reaches to the comprehensive understanding of the market needs and the products segments. Al Ghad is covering the supplements & natural products field with a highly understanding consideration of the Retail business and a highly parallel cooperation with our professional Medical Promotion team. Al Ghad covers all the Private and Public sectors.

Medical Device, Disinfectants, topical preparations & Cosmetics Department  

The second vital wing of Al Ghad drug store.
The department is at the fore front of introducing the latest technologies in medical sciences.

About Us

Alghad Drug Store is a private firm located in the capital of Jordan, Amman. It was established in the year of 2005 for importing & distributing of pharmaceutical products, food supplements, herbal products, cosmetics, medical devices, body building supplements and other products related to the medical field.

 Our goal is to enrich the Jordanian market with a myriad of high quality unique pharmaceutical, herbal, food supplement & cosmetic products.

Our commitment is to continue in offering essential health products & devices meeting public health needs. 

 We work through preparing highly trained professional employees to launch innovative products into Jordanian market. We highly support any pharmaceutical establishment willing to invest in the Jordanian market. By Registering the company and their products with the Jordanian Food & Drug Administration J-FDA.

 Additionally we Promote the products to the Jordanian Physician and medical center’s or any other outlet depending on products type thru our employee (Medical Representatives, media, etc….)

 We also Re-sale the products to the Jordanian retailers like pharmacies, hospitals, saloons and others. Join governmental and private sectors tenders.