Company Profile

Our Company

Al Ghad Drug Store has been a leading player in healthcare products and services in Jordan since its foundation in 2005.
Under the charismatic and visionary leadership of its founder, Dr. Allam Suleiman and Dr. Mustafa Al Antari, the company has grown and diversified into the main sectors of the healthcare industry, providing advanced distribution and marketing services in the field for the whole of the Jordan.

Mission Statement

For us achievement has never been a static quantity. We take it as a developing investment in ourselves and the market. We live and work by the motto
“Continuous Innovation, Change, Flexibility and Partnership”
Our internal culture is driven by
“Professional Responsibility, Team Work, Ethical Conduct and Outstanding Customer Service”


Al Ghad Drug Store is committed to serve and provide for the Healthcare requirements and needs of the customers; it serves with top quality products and services. Al Ghad maintains relentless commitment to its customers by continuously developing itself and the improvement of the quality of healthcare services provided.

Customer Service

We at Al Ghad deliver customer care service by attracting and training our people through creation of customer service center in order to manage customer concerns and queries using multiple channels including phone, e-mail and fax.
To ensure the highest quality of customer service, Al Ghad invested heavily in strategies; Process and training to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our customer service representatives are trained to treat our clients and customers as their own in order to provide assurance of proper call handling and superior customer care.

Supplements & Natural Products Department  

The vital wing of Al Ghad commands some of the most distinguished manufacturers of supplements & natural products in their respective fields of specialization. The Department is in the Golden Stage of being; Al Ghad reaches to the comprehensive understanding of the market needs and the products segments. Al Ghad is covering the supplements & natural products field with a highly understanding consideration of the Retail business and a highly parallel cooperation with our professional Medical Promotion team. Al Ghad covers all the Private and Public sectors.

Medical Device, Disinfectants, topical preparations & Cosmetics Department  

The second vital wing of Al Ghad drug store.
The department is at the fore front of introducing the latest technologies in medical sciences.

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